Fred from Toronto antes up to win $91,055.70 on POKER LOTTO ALL IN

The 53-year-old new grandfather popped into his local convenience store to pick up his LOTTO 6/49 tickets when he made the last-minute decision to play a hand of POKER LOTTO ALL IN. “I saw the jackpot was $91,000 and I thought, I could use $91,000, so I said give me a POKER LOTTO ALL IN first. When I won, I thought it was $91 but the guy behind the counter was losing his mind. I took a step back and looked at the screen and realized I won the jackpot. It was amazing! I let out a big WOO!”

“I was on my way to a backyard barbeque when I had stopped by the store, but I had to go home after winning because I was just so excited. I was hooting and hollering in my backyard. I couldn’t sit down; my legs want to move, my arms want to move, it was like a shot of adrenaline. My mind was going 100 miles per hour thinking about it. My wife kept telling me to sit down, I couldn’t sit down!”

A few hours later we finally made our way to the party. As we walked into the barbeque, I sent everyone a group text with the slip from the store with my winning amount and I watched everyone’s face light up as I waked into the backyard. Everyone came over to congratulate me and touch me for luck and the next thing I know, six of them walked to the local store to get their own POKER LOTTO ALL IN tickets. 

“I was screaming all night; I pretty much lost my voice. It felt like an out of body experience. I felt amazing!”


“When I’m telling people the story about my win or even when I’m watching other winners on TV, it takes me right back to the way I felt the day I won.”

“Then I got a call from OLG asking if I wanted to re-create these feelings in a TV commercial. Which is why I’m here today. I’m a dog-lover; I have two dogs myself and I get to spend the day on a pillow in a room with a bunch of puppies. It’s amazing! Being here filming a commercial for OLG with these puppies, makes those feelings come rushing back just like the day I won. Once you experience that feeling, it doesn’t go away. Every so often when I least expect it this wave of joy will come over me. Like I said, when I watch the other commercials with winners, I can’t help but smile. I’ll be watching TV with my wife when one of them comes on and she’ll look at me and ask why I have this goofy smile on my face and it’s because I’m feeling my win all over again.”

Winning with OLG, brings out all the feels!

It was amazing! I let out a big WOO!