Farid of Maple, seized the moment, playing new INSTANT TOP UP to win the jackpot, which had grown to $281,472.20 when it was won! Farid is the very first person to win the jackpot with OLG’s new INSTANT TOP UP!

61-year-old Farid was out picking up dinner for his family. When he placed his order, the restaurant advised him it would take 20 minutes. He decided to walk over to the convenience store nearby. “While I was waiting for the food, I went to the store,” Farid shared while at the OLG Prize Centre in Toronto to pick up his cheque. “I picked some INSTANT tickets with two INSTANT TOP UPs.” The next thing Farid knows, he’s hearing the clerk at the store exclaiming, “Sir, I think you won a big prize.” Farid was shocked. “I didn’t expect this type of win.”

In his bewilderment, Farid wasn’t thinking about the money or what had just happened, he was more concerned that more than 20 minutes had passed and that the food for his family was getting cold. “I went home to tell my wife and children,” Farid recalled. “They were so shocked. We celebrated and ate our dinner together.”

“This is wonderful for me and my family,” he said. “I feel so grateful. We are immigrants to this country, and we work very hard. I can’t explain the joy and happiness I feel inside. It’s good.”

“This money will help me to pay my mortgage and invest in my children,” Farid continued. While Farid plans to use his winnings wisely, he also intends to have some fun and will set some money aside for an adventure abroad when it’s safer and easier to travel.

Winning with OLG brings out all the feels!

We celebrated and ate our dinner together.