34-year-old Curtis from Burk’s Falls is a ’dream realistically’ kind of lottery player. His favorite OLG games are LOTTARIO and ONTARIO 49 and he always plays ENCORE.

Curtis’ dream came true when he matched the last six of seven ENCORE numbers in exact order in the January 16, 2021 LOTTARIO draw to win $100,000! “I’ve been daydreaming about winning the lottery for years. It still feels like a dream,” he exclaimed.

The father of four was at the local convenience store with his wife when he discovered his win. “We scanned our tickets at the self-scanner,” Curtis said. “We saw big winner on the screen and just looked at each other. My wife said in disbelief, ’no, no way, this doesn’t happen to us’.”

Curtis said he was in a daze as he took his ticket to the cashier. “I ran to the till and said you need to check this. The lottery machine froze, and the phone started ringing. Once I realized I had really won, I couldn’t think, I thought I was going to fall over.” 

“It was a great experience,” recalled Curtis. “It was pretty wild, lots of excitement,” he laughed. “Before we had paid for our stuff at the counter my sister happened to call, so we told her,” Curtis continued. “She was pretty excited herself.” 

Curtis knew his sister would have a hard time containing her excitement, so he and his wife decided to tell their families about the win right away. “We told our close family that night. My dad was more exited for us than I was,” Curtis laughed. “It was amazing, lots of high spirits. The news spread very quickly after that.” 

“In the moment I couldn’t breathe properly; my heart was pounding,” Curtis said. “I could feel my face go flush. I was overwhelmed with my emotions. It still feels like a dream.”

“This win will go a long way for my family. We’re going to pay some bills and we’re looking at buying a big boat for the whole family to go fishing together. We’re planning to enjoy a summer of family time on the beautiful lakes and rivers in our community.” 

Winning with OLG brings out all the feels.

It was amazing, lots of high spirits. The news spread very quickly after that.